Vht Flame Proof Flat Grey Primer 312G Aero


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HT Flame Proof Flat Grey Primer 312g Aerosol

VHT Flame Proof Coating will renew and extend the life of any surface exposed to extremely high temperatures. This unique coating is a matte finish, ceramic base silicone widely used by the automotive industry on exhaust systems and the aerospace industry for jet engines, re-entry vehicles, the Stealth fighter, B-2 bomber and other high temperature applications.

VHT Flame Proof Coating will withstand temperatures up to 1500ºF (815ºC) and is ideal for use on boilers, hot water pipes, exhaust systems, franklin stoves, heaters, barbecues, furnaces or wherever an extreme temperature coating is needed.  VHT Flameproof Coating only attains its unique properties after curing. Refer to the instructions on the can.

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