Holden Brake Hose Rear (Hose To Caliper) VL – Early VP


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Brake hose rear which is for the rear disc (inc IRS) brakes of the vehicle.

Please note: This rear brake hose bolts to the rear brake caliper and to the metal bracket on the rear backing plate and is held to the bracket with U shaped retaining clip, then the metal brake pipe screws into it. (2 Required per vehicle)

Note: Brake washers, bolts, U shaped clip are not supplied with the hose.

This product suits Holden VL, VN, and Early VP


  • Commodore, S, SL, Executive, Vacationer, SS, Berlina, Calais, Formula, GTS
  • Sedan. Wagon
  • Fitted with 6 cylinder Nissan RB20 2.0 L (New Zealand), 3.0 L RB30, V6, 2.0 L, 3.8 L, 8 cylinder V8, 5.0 L , 5000i, engine.

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