Ford Bonnet Hinge XR XT XW XY ZA ZB ZC ZD Right Hand


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Bonnet (hood) hinge and spring left hand which bolts to the inner skirt and bonnet of the vehicle.

To fit the spring to the hinge, support the hinge in a vise with soft jaws as to not mark the finish of the hinge or bolt it to the vehicle hook one end on the back of the hinge then using a large hook tool with a tee handle pull/stretch the spring over the other end of the hinge.

Please note: Be careful when pulling the spring into position, use gloves and don’t be in a hurry.

This product suits Ford XR, XT, XW, XY, ZA, ZB, ZC and ZD

  • Falcon, 500, Futura, GS, Fairmont, Fairlane, GT
  • Sedan, Wagon, Utility (Ute), Panel Van
  • Fitted with 6 cylinder, 170 (2.8 L), 188 (3.1 L), 200 (3.3 L), 221 (3.6 L), 8 cylinder V8 289 (4.7 L), 302, (5.0 L) 351 5.8 L) engine

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